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Embossing is an engraved image that is stamped without using ink. Technically known as blind embossing, it is actually printing with the shadows caused by a raised embossed image.

Like engraving, embossing utilizes the same die and plate making processes, however the dies and plates are etched much deeper.

Pressing fine paper stock into the deeply etched walls of a die creates the embossed effect. The result is a visual array of shadows caused by the very shape and depth of the raised image.

This process is available in several styles. Named for the way they lift the image from the paper they are: beveled, round, flat, outline, and sculptured (multi-level).

Embossing creates the feel of quiet elegance without overpowering your piece. You can use a much larger embossed image than you normally would for other printing processes. This is because of its understated dimension and subtle presentation on the printed page.

As with engraving virtually any image can be embossed on a wide variety of materials. Consider embossing for presentation folders, report covers and announcements, and stationery items like business cards, letterheads, envelopes and greeting cards.

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