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Genuine engraving is the ultimate in all of the printing processes. It is the oldest, yet most elegant, form of graphic reproduction. Engraving or intaglio refers to the method of printing from lines cut below the surface of a copper plate or steel die.

To create an engraved piece you must first transfer an image, line by line, by actually cutting into metal an exact duplication of the original image. These indentations are then filled with special, highly opaque ink. The ink filled die is then pressed against a premium paper stock. The result is a fine raised image on the front of the paper and an indentation on the back.

This forced marriage of paper and ink creates a unique feel like no other. It has a warmth and elegance all it's own, that imparts an unspoken message of prestige and timelessness, well suited for today's marketplace.

Engraving inks are more brilliant and more opaque than any other type of printing inks. They are laser safe and fully recyclable. The inks are available in just about every PMS color as well as the true metallics of gold, silver and copper.

Virtually any image can be engraved on a wide variety of materials. Consider engraving for any project that requires that special impression.

Brochures, presentation folders, report covers and stationery items like business cards, greeting cards, invitations, letterheads and envelopes are all enhanced, when engraved.

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