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Foil stamping bestows a rich and elegant presence to the printed page. It is the process of applying a thin plastic film of pigmented or metallic foil to paper using heat and pressure.

Like engraving and embossing, the image to be foil stamped is etched into a metal die. When the die is heated and pressed against the foil your design is released from the foil and fused to the paper stock.

Foil is available in many colors and styles. It is comes in clear, opaque, metallic, matte and even holographic patterns. The unique colors of foil are excitingly different from standard printing inks and add an elegant treatment to your printed piece.

Virtually any image can be reproduced in foil even though the manufacturing techniques require broader strokes in your artwork design.

While foil is impressive by itself, it can be spectacular when combined with embossing. Foil embossing is perfect for those projects that require that extra bounce or snap to the image.

Foil offers a whole different world of exciting possibilities to define your image. We would be delighted to work with you or your designer to select the perfect foil for your project.

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