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Thermography is a process, which emulates the look and feel of genuine engraving. It has visual and tactile qualities that make it quite unique. Like foil stamping, it has special manufacturing techniques.

A powdered plastic resin called thermographic powder is spread completely over a freshly offset printed piece. It is then vacuumed off leaving this powder sticking to only the wet offset ink. At this point it is sent through a heat tunnel of approximately 1100 degrees. The powder melts then swells and takes on the appearance of the colored ink it has covered. This effect brings a depth and substance to the printed piece, which is truly novel in appearance.

The effects that can be created with thermography can range from an "orange peel" finish to a high gloss. Type can be fine line to broad strokes. It can be laser safe or it can be used in extremely creative ways to add impact to your project.

Let your imagination run wild.... The possibilities are endless. Call us, we can give you some great ideas.

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